Faculty & Staff Engagement

Engaging with the UBC community is foundational to SASI. Find out how the perspective of faculty and staff is playing a part in the future Student Information System (SIS).

What it involves

Engaging with faculty and staff on considerations for a new SIS began even before SASI formally began! As SASI developed further, this outreach has matured to become a cornerstone of the Program. Framed by open discourse on the in-scope process areas, units and faculties are coming together in collaborative workshops with a common goal of meeting the objectives of SASI initiatives. The contributions of faculty and staff are instrumental in our ability to articulate UBC’s requirements to potential vendors and to shaping the processes.

Past workshops have focused on activities like gaining a understanding of faculty and staff perspective on pain points and priorities (the two “p’s”), gathering high-level requirements, and designing and streamlining processes. These activities and objectives will continue to evolve as the Program progresses, building on the understanding and knowledge gained to date, informing the work ahead, and ultimately helping to bring the new system to life.

Continuing engagement

Opportunities to lend your expertise will be ongoing throughout the life-cycle of SASI—whether it’s to help provide further definition to the requirements, inform the design of the solution(s), or test the functionality to make sure everything works as planned—get more information about becoming a faculty or staff participant.

While faculty and staff involvement is a crucial piece of the bigger picture, students are also part of this consultative process. Find out more about how we're engaging students.

Conversing with faculty & staff

Collaboration has been ongoing since the early days of SASI. See some of the topics that staff and faculty have and are collaborating on with the Program team.

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Why your perspective matters

Many of you have been part of the evolution of our current SIS. You’ve seen both the benefits and the drawbacks, and you may have imagined ways processes might be improved. At the very least you likely have ideas about what works and what doesn’t. You're the people closest to the student experience and have “insider” knowledge of how to best serve their needs. With the involvement of the full community, we are confident a new system can be built that can meet not only the needs of students, but of the faculty and staff that support them.

Still wondering why we’re asking for your help?

Find out what the SIS replacement means for faculty and staff.

Interested in getting involved?

To-date we have mostly been working with representatives from individual faculties and units across UBC to assist in identifying faculty and staff volunteer participants for engagement opportunities. If you were not included in early rounds of engagement sessions and are interested in participating in future SASI activities, we can help connect you to the right people to make sure you have a say in the future system.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in more information!