Student Engagement

We’re recruiting student partners who want to leave their mark by making UBC systems—such as the SSC—easier, more efficient, and enjoyable to use. Find out more about how you can get involved.

What we're talking about

The Student Information System (SIS) covers things like applying to UBC, registering for courses, managing your fees, transfer credit, and many more common student tasks right through to applying for graduation. Over the span of the SASI project, we’ll be asking you to tell us what hurts and what works in the current system, and what you think these processes should look like in the future. And when the new system is ready, you’ll even get to help test-drive it.

Join the conversation!

Whether you’re on the Vancouver or Okanagan campus, there are plenty of opportunities and ways in which you can ensure your voice is heard. To get as much input as possible, we are encouraging all UBC students to join the conversation about the future SIS.

What should I expect if I join in?

You can sign up for as many or as few events as you’d like! Activities do vary. We use various methods to gather insights about your online interactions with UBC, such as:

  • surveys
  • online usability tests
  • interviews
  • design workshops
  • discussion sessions
  • other

Some activities might take 5-10 minutes, while something like a workshop might require up to 2 hours. Depending on the activity and time involved, you might even get free lunch or dinner or a gift card for somewhere on campus! (We'll be sure to tell you upfront.)

Want to get involved?

We offer surveys, drop in, and registration required activities. Stay in the know on upcoming student events and check out how you can participate.

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Why your experience matters

Every UBC student has a unique perspective. You are more connected than ever and, not unreasonably, expect the technology you use to keep up with the times. To identify the needs of our students and support the development of the future SIS, we will be reaching out to the student community on an ongoing basis throughout the lifespan of SASI. By listening to your perspective we believe we will gain a greater understanding of student-UBC touch points and gather useful insights to help guide the system design.

Still wondering why we’re asking for your help?

Find out what the SIS replacement means for students.

Looking for more details?

Email the SASI User Experience (UX) team and let them know how they can help.