...my involvement has allowed me to imagine exciting new possibilities for a refreshed Student Information System that could enable faculty, students and staff to interact in a much more integrated and innovative way.   

 –Ramine Adl, Associate Professor, French

What does SASI mean for you?

The Student Information System (SIS) is essential to supporting the success of our students and is a core to providing visibility to their academic journey. Over the last 20+ years our current system has continued to serve the University, however not only has technology radically progressed, the institution itself has grown in size and complexity, and we’ve undertaken new and innovative approaches to delivering education. As we move towards the future, we need to adapt our practices and processes and invest in underlying technologies to support this transformation, and thereby ensure you have the flexibility to respond to the new and exciting ways in which you may structure your curriculum.

A collaborative UBC-wide endeavour that will culminate in the replacement of the current SIS technology, SASI is laying the groundwork for enriched functionality and process improvements well into the future. Touching on 17 key process areas the work being done stands to transform the way in which you are enabled to support and respond to students more proactively. At the core of SASI’s goals, is simplifying and integrating online interactions, by considering, re-imagining, and challenging all the ways things are done today.


Faculty & staff FAQs

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Faculty consultation

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Learn about terms, concepts, and technologies related to the SIS replacement and SASI.




What kind of improvements are expected?

Work is underway to gather high-level requirements and to more deeply explore many of the processes across the University. These consultations are helping us identify just what needs to be done and how it might affect our community.

Some of the areas under assessment that directly impact faculty are:

  • Curriculum Management
  • Academic Promotion & Progression Tracking
  • Graduation
  • Scheduling
  • Transfer Credit
  • Registration (including wait-lists)

We’re not shying away from the tough stuff. A key component of our work is to gain a deeper understanding of existing pain points and issues present within the current systems. By challenging existing paradigms and addressing the hard questions together, we’re openly exploring where there are opportunities for this program to be truly transformational for you, students, staff, and the University as a whole.

Interested in what these processes include?

These quick descriptions are available to help fill you in.

When will things change for me?

Currently, SASI is in the Streamline, Procure and Plan (SP&P) phase and our efforts are focused on building more knowledge about the community needs, exploring process streamlining and seeking a suitable solution(s) for the new SIS. This work will help us to more fully determine what is needed to support the UBC community as we replace the SIS and the effort involved in delivering it. As part of this work, we are developing a comprehensive implementation plan. Once approved, we will certainly share more details with you.

How are faculty being consulted?

As we move into implementation, we will continue to reach out to the community for guidance, input, and support. Sharing your expertise, ideas and feedback is key to the success of SASI. There are a few ways you can share your perspective now.


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Have feedback?

The SASI website is your primary source for updates and information on this project. If you have questions, comments, or concerns get in touch with us.

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