Changing the technical system that we as students use to interact with the University online, provides the potential for a change in that actual relationship. Clearer communication can create new possibilities and this is very exciting!

– Jaylene Olsen, 5th year student, Faculty of Arts

What does SASI mean for you?

Replacing our aging Student Information System (SIS) opens up new possibilities that can’t even be imagined within our current system. Technology has become more sophisticated, learning opportunities don’t always take place in a classroom, and as students your journey is no longer “one size fits all”.

The work we are doing stands to transform conventional student interactions in the future, like the way you register for courses, pay tuition and even apply for graduation. The vision? Simplifying and integrating the interactions you have throughout your UBC journey—from prospective student to alumnus. By challenging and re-imagining all the ways we do things today, we are building a foundation together that will take us into the future. Bottom line, we want you to be better enabled to make more informed and timely decisions about your academic career at UBC.



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What kind of improvements are expected?

We have some ideas, but we don’t know the full story just yet. Work is currently ongoing to gather requirements and to more deeply explore many of the processes across the University. These consultations are helping us identify just what needs to be done and how it might affect our community.

Some of the areas under assessment that directly impact students are:

  • Admissions
  • Registration & Waitlist
  • Academic Promotion & Progression Tracking
  • Graduation
  • Student Financial Management
  • Awards Management
  • Student Management
  • Transfer Credit

Further work is underway to assess platform functionality, looking at things like support for multiple devices, performance, modernization of user interfaces, and many other enhancements that would bring improvements to the overall experience you have with your web-based interactions with the University.

Unclear about what these processes are or include?

These quick descriptions are available to help fill you in.

When will things change for me?

We’re working hard on planning that! What we can tell you is that as part of the current project phase, Streamline, Procure & Plan (SP&P), we are determining the timing of introducing the new system. Once an approved plan has been established, we’ll be sure to share the details with you.

Is there anything I can do to participate now?

Yes! Keep in mind (even if you’re close to graduating) sharing your perspective with us by joining the conversation today will serve to improve day-to-day interactions for all UBC students in the future. Your experiences matter and your voice is important.

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Have feedback?

The SASI website is your primary source for updates and information on this project. If you have questions, comments, or concerns get in touch with us.

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