There are all sorts of specialized terms referring to aspects of SASI—from technology considerations, to processes at UBC, and much more. We recognize all the technical jargon can be overwhelming, especially the acronyms (it happens to us too.)

Below is a guide to terms we hope will help get you on your way to knowing what we are talking about. If there are any we might have missed, please let us know!

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Academic Model
A conceptual model representing all of the learning opportunities at UBC and their relationship to learners, faculty, and staff organizational units and time. It represents a more inclusive and flexible way of understanding the many ways in which people engage with learning throughout UBC. The Academic Model will create a common vocabulary and structure for curriculum and learning to categorize similar processes and entities.
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Board of Governors
The Board of Governors (BOG) is responsible for the management, administration and control of the property, revenue, business and affairs of the University.
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see Board of Governors
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Campus-Wide Login
Campus-Wide Login (CWL) is designed to give an individual access to UBC’s online applications with the same username and password. A CWL account currently provides access to the Student Information System, the Library, BlackBoard Vista, Connectivity Services, and more.
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See Campus-Wide Login
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Enrolment Services Professional
Working with students during their time at UBC, Enrolment Services Professionals (ESP) help students with issues related to tuition, course registration, and financial planning.
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See Enrolment Services Professional
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Faculty Service Centre
The Faculty Service Centre (FSC) is used by instructors and administrators to access class lists, submit grades, curriculum management and scheduling.
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See Faculty Service Centre
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Office of Planning and Institutional Research
The Planning and Institutional Research (PAIR) Office undertakes research projects, and provides reports, statistical information, analysis, and advice in support of strategic planning, decision-making, collective bargaining, and accountability at the University.
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See Office of Planning and Institutional Research
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Request for Proposal
A competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) invites qualified vendors to respond to a formal request to present products and services that may meet UBC's specifications and requirements. The functional and non-functional requirements gathered in partnership during the Design and Validation phase will provide the foundation for assessing and ultimately choosing a solution best suited to UBC's immediate and future needs.
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See Request for Proposal
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See Student Academic Systems Initiative
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Scope in a project defines the financial, technical, and business goals and objectives to be delivered within a project. Specific to SASI, scope will determine what business process areas will be addressed as part of the project.
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See Student Information Service Centre
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see Student Service Centre
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Student Academic Systems Initiative
The Student Academic Systems Initiative (SASI) is a University-wide initiative to replace the current Student Information System (SIS). This large-scale program seeks to transform the way students, faculty, and staff interact to support student success.
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Student Information Service Centre
The Student Information Service Centre (SISC) portal is an interface used by faculty and staff who perform student-related administrative and advising roles on campus. The SISC performs functions such as holding applicant and student information admission information (e.g.; previous institution, non-UBC courses, transfer credits, general test scores, etc.) registration management degree audit academic records management grades credit / D / Fail transcripts sessional and term evaluations email capability awards management (inquiry, assignment and disbursement) student financial account
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Student Information System
The core student-centric system encompassing a host of functionalities designed to support the student's academic journey at UBC, including but not limited to the Student Service Centre (SSC), the Student Information Service Centre (SISC), the Maintenance and Security Centre (MSC), and the Faculty Service Centre (FSC).
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Student Service Centre
A component of the SIS, this CWL-enabled portal is the interface for UBC applicants and students to access admissions student records registration grades tuition assessments scheduling transcripts
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