Celebrating the Successful Launch of the New Sauder Executive Education Solution

Celebrating the Successful Launch of the New Sauder Executive Education Solution

This summer, UBC accomplished a major milestone of the SASI Program with the deployment of the Sauder Executive Education system. Focused on recruitment and registration for the Executive Education program, this service was successfully launched in July 2015, and represented the culmination of an 18-month project involving teams from across UBC IT and staff of Sauder Executive Education.

In order to support the administrative and self-serve needs associated with recruitment and registration, a new forward-thinking product, SITS:Vision by Tribal Education, was implemented and replaced the previous system.


The Sauder SITS:Vision implementation has brought about significant improvement in our ability to better serve our clients as well as in our ability to run the unit more efficiently as a business. We look forward to working alongside the SASI Program to continually improve the SITS platform and position UBC as a true leader in Professional Development Education.

– Kabir Mathur, Manager, Business Intelligence & Digital Marketing, Sauder School of Business

Key benefits for participants

Along with an improved user interface, the Sauder Executive Education system now has more intuitive navigation and an easy to use client portal to help facilitate online registrations.

The service is integrated with UBC’s Campus Wide Login (CWL – a singular secure login for most applications across UBC) and provides access to UBC Wireless, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and other integrated services.

The portal also features integration of program and reading materials as well as an improved certificate progression management to allow participants to apply for and manage multiple certificate programs. Finally, an improved self-serve financial tracking capability makes it easier for participants to download financial statements, including invoices and receipts.

Key benefits for management & administration staff

Administration staff are now able to manage registration, progression tracking, and program completion and financial administration processes more efficiently.

The improved user interface also includes resolutions for a number of key performance, reliability, and usability issues that had been associated with the previous system. Business analytics and security are greatly improved, while workflow and decision making logic provides a more comprehensive and intuitive process. The new solution has established a robust, scalable service that supports the Sauder Executive Education business model while offering improved marketing, analytics, and tracking capabilities for the updated Sauder Executive Education website.

Within the first four months of launch, there have been 885 new self-serve registrations and 553 new Sauder Executive Education participant accounts created.

Want to know more?

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