What is SASI?

The Student Academic Systems Initiative was officially introduced in 2014, with a goal to replace UBC’s current Student Information System (SIS) technology and create a new system for the digital age.


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The future of student information at UBC

SASI is a large scale UBC-wide project that seeks to transform the way students, faculty, and staff interact to support student success. The work happening now stands to modernize conventional academic interactions done at every level of the University, bringing new efficiency and enriched processes, and ultimately ushering in a system that can support the current and future demands of learning at UBC.

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Which processes are in scope for SASI?

In partnership with UBC stakeholders, we gathered requirements in 17 process areas that will be the foundation for the high-level design of the new system:



Transfer Credit

Student Management

Curriculum Management



Student Financial Management

Student Financial Support

Assessment & Outcomes




Access & Identity Management

Content Management


Program Planning


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Developing our vision

The road to SASI began before the program even launched in 2014. Learn about how we got to where we are today.

Meet the SASI team

We are lucky to be working with an outstanding team that encompasses a wide array of expertise.

How is SASI governed?

This project will affect the entire UBC community. See the steps and people in place to ensure due diligence is done.


Who will this affect?

65,000 students and 15,000 academic and administrative staff across UBC.

SASI will encompass all aspects of the student academic journey from prospectus to alumnus, and will support activities such as recruiting, curriculum, admissions, finance, and other key areas to support student, faculty, and staff success.

Achievements to date

  • Completed the Design & Validation (D&V) Phase in March 2016
  • Initiated a competitive Procurement process to identify and select a solution that is capable of meeting UBC’s current and future state requirements
  • Initiated Process Streamlining with the UBC Community to validate future state opportunities needed to establish best practices with regard to an institutional approach
  • Initiated work with Enterprise Data Governance to align with data governance standards and best practices in advance of implementation
  • Adapted the program management approach to focus on Benefits Realization
  • Decision to replace the current Student Information System (SIS) endorsed by the University Deans and Executive in June 2014
  • SASI Program Team assembled and mobilized
  • Implemented SITS: Vision in the Graduate Admissions Streamlining Project (GRASP) and Sauder Executive Education
  • Embarked on the Design & Validation phase with the mantra “go slow and get it right” following lessons learned on site visits to other international universities engaged in SIS replacements
  • Identified, gathered, and validated high-level requirements via engagement with the UBC community in a series of workshops with students, faculty, and staff