Under the umbrella of the SASI program, there will be multiple initiatives and phases covering various aspects of our business. Explore the individual projects that are part of the bigger picture and find out more about how we are assessing the work ahead of us.


Streamline, Procure & Plan

Building a broader knowledge of business processes and user needs across UBC, while seeking a suitable solution(s) to replace the current Student Information System (SIS)

Design & Validation

Capturing and documenting both business and technical requirements through collaborative conversations and forming a foundation for understanding the collective needs of the UBC community to achieve SASI's vision and goals.

Graduate Admissions Streamlining Project (GRASP)

Transforming the application and admission process for Graduate Studies through a dramatically improved online admissions system.

Sauder Executive Education

Ushering in a robust, scalable enterprise solution to replace the Enrolment and Registration System for the Sauder School of Business Executive Education programs.