Graduate Admissions Streamlining Project (GRASP)

Graduate Admissions Streamlining Project (GRASP)

Transforming the application and admission process for Graduate Studies through a dramatically improved online admissions system.

The Graduate Admissions Streamlining Project (GRASP) was initiated to transform UBC’s approach to Graduate Admissions and replacing a limited graduate application system with a new platform that offers a single end to end application, evaluation and admissions web based system.

The new system offers applicants a clear and intuitive path through the application process and greater flexibility for applicants and referees to provide required information and documentation. For graduate program faculty and staff, information from applicants is now captured in a more organized and streamlined way and supports the development of in-system evaluation and admission offers.

Introducing a web-based system

A brand new online interface provides applicants with a more tailored experience. By logging in to the system applicants can now apply to multiple programs in one place and monitor the progress of all of their applications. Other features include the ability to see the status of documents, request references via the system, and receive specific program information and requirements throughout the process, including accepting or declining an offer to a program.

Going (almost) paperless

The new process has eliminated the need for unnecessary collection of paper documents from applicants and centralized the receipt and digital cataloguing of those that are required for admission.

Streamlining the administration process

Graduate program faculty and staff now use in-system tools that facilitate receiving, distributing and evaluating applications and communicating with applicants throughout the process.

Additional Benefits

  • Enabling graduate programs to offer admission (within policy) directly to successful candidates
  • Providing on-demand expert admissions consultation and training for graduate programs
  • Increasing applicant ease of providing required information and documentation


I continue to appreciate the new centralized nature of admissions which now enables things to happen in one system, allowing for an informed and streamlined process

— Graduate Student Services Coordinator, UBC Vancouver