Streamline, Procure & Plan

Streamline, Procure & Plan

Building a broader knowledge of business processes and user needs across UBC, while seeking a suitable solution(s) to replace the current Student Information System (SIS)

The Streamline, Procure & Plan (SP&P) phase began in April 2016, with the purpose of building on the work completed during Design & Validation (D&V). The work over the course of SP&P has included furthering the understanding of UBC’s business processes, building a broader awareness of the needs of those who will be using the system day to day, and the development and advancement of a progressive competitive process that will culminate in the selection of a new SIS solution(s) to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff in relation to their experience across the student life cycle.

In search of common ground: streamlining and alignment

While faculties and administrative units often share common processes, over time some processes have independently evolved, resulting in multiple ways of doing the same thing across the institution. These differences result in inconsistencies and confusion. In order to fully engage in conceptualising what the new solution will need to do it is important to align these processes wherever possible by exploring opportunities to streamline them. To accomplish this students, faculty members, and staff have continued to join in collaborative conversations and workshops to envision ways they can come together on common ground.

At first glance, “streamlining and alignment” can appear challenging.  With so many different faculties, programs, and departments who serve students with diverse needs, landing on a single way to do anything seems a near-impossible task. Hence, this work is the focus of the Business Analysts, who work closely with cross-faculty and cross-unit representatives, to facilitate collaborative conversations and imagine new ways of doing things.

Finding the right solution for UBC

A significant part of the SP&P phase is a planning and execution of a competitive, multi-phase procurement process. This is being conducted to assess prospective solutions as well as professional services needed to augment the UBC Program team. The procurement process involves selection of the most suitable solution to meet UBC’s immediate- and long-term needs, while best achieving SASI’s vision and goals. Over the course of SP&P, UBC will engage in multiple stages of evaluation to assess proponents. The Request for Qualifications and Solutions (RFQS) process was initiated in August 2016. It is anticipated that final solution and services selections will be completed by August 2017, followed by Board Approval of the Implementation Plan and budget by December 2017.

The question of “when?”

When will implementation begin? When will I get to use the new system? ... All of these are great and understandable questions! Our Leadership team is working diligently alongside UBC’s Procurement and Legal teams to ensure the decisions made align with our current and future needs, and in consideration of UBC’s overall strategy.

Since procurement is a highly-sensitive, controlled process, and there are confidentiality considerations in place, answers to questions like these can only be shared once the information becomes available. Appreciating the complexity of our solutions, the procurement process requires careful scrutiny which takes time. Please stay tuned to the SASI Stories, as we'll be sure to update you when we know more!